We genuinely care about our patient’s long term dental health. Rather than just reacting to problems we believe a better approach is preventive dental care.

Our Services

Proud to be a Preventive Practice

Rather than just reacting to problems we believe the best approach is to proactively manage dental health to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Prevantive Hygiene Plan

To ensure this Medford House clients are given a preventive hygiene plan. This ultimately results in you spending less time and money on maintaining your smile.

Laser and Digital Radiography

Using the latest laser and digital radiography technology we are even able to pick up on decay before it destroys tooth structure.

Scaling and Cleaning

Scaling and cleaning helps create and maintain firm, pink and tight gums that don’t bleed. This is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is all about creating a smile with a pleasing shade and shape of teeth.

  • Porcelain and composite technology restores and enhances your smile.
  • We offer a range of bleaching options designed to brighten your smile.

Ozone: an alternative to fillings

Where possible we use Ozone – a powerful oxidising agent – to kill tooth decay in teeth. Doing so often removes the need to place a conventional filling.

Root Canals

If bacteria has invaded the tooth’s chamber a root canal may be called for. We have the very latest technology to ensure root canals are strong and infection-free.

Fillings (Amalgam-free)

While cheaper, amalgam (silver and mercury) is an outdated and obsolete option for fillings.

In fact, in 2017 the World Health Organisation is introducing an international agreement banning all commercial use of Mercury.

The alternatives – composite restorative materials and porcelain – not only look better but are stronger and longer lasting; ensuring a stable bite for the long term.